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6 Tips for Working on Your English

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6 Tips for Working on Your English

Living in Australia can be tough when you don’t speak English. It can be hard to complete your visa application and find a job when you do arrive. At Sirus Migration, we’re dedicated to helping you create the best life possible for yourself in Australia. Here are our top tips for working on your English. 

1. Read as Many Books as Possible 

Reading is the easiest and least expensive tool you will have when learning a new language. When you read a book, you consciously and subconsciously expand your vocabulary and knowledge of sentence structures, punctuation and spelling. If you are quite new to English, choose books that are marketed for younger readers in topics that interest you. Go to your local library for free books and magazines. 

2. Listen to Music Written in English 

This is an enjoyable method of improving your English. When you listen to catchy songs with simple lyrics, you’ll find memorising these English words easier. Plus, music lets you get used to the rhythm and tone of speaking in English. Read the lyrics to a song as you are listening to it and you will have an easier time understanding what the song is about. 

3. Watch English-Speaking Movies 

Many of us don’t have time to sit down with a book. Luckily, movies and TV shows are quick ways to immerse yourself in English. If you have trouble understanding what the actors are saying (they can speak very fast sometimes), put the English subtitles on and read along while you watch. This will help with your spelling, reading and pronunciation. 

4. Have as Many Conversations as You Can 

Speaking English as much as possible will result in rapid improvements. When it seems too hard, remember that everyone starts somewhere and you will achieve great results when you try. Don’t be scared of making mistakes as you improve your knowledge and confidence.  

5. Label the Objects around Your Home 

To help you learn simple nouns and words you’ll be using every day, label the objects around your house with post-it notes. Leave them in place for a few weeks until you associate the object with its name in English. Something as simple as labelling can help you in a massive way.  

6. Study English 

Many Australian visas involve studying, and studying English can count towards a successful application. Choosing to study English will give you the best chance of perfecting the language, meeting other people and practising what you’ve learnt.  


Let Sirus Migration Help Your Application 

If you’d like to live, work or study in Australia, let Sirus Migration help you. We understand how to navigate the application process and help you integrate into life in Australia. To discover your visa options, call us on (07) 3361 8177. 

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