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Moving from a 485 Visa to a Student Visa

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Moving from a 485 Visa to a Student Visa

If you’ve been living in Australia on a 485 visa and you’re not sure what to do when it’s over, Sirus Migration can help. Upskill yourself with study and start a student visa that will keep you enjoying your life in Australia. We’re exploring the differences between these two visas and what you can do to give your application the best chance of success.  

What Is a 485 Visa? 

A 485 visa is a Temporary Skilled Graduate visa. This temporary visa helps international students who are unable to meet the requirements for a Permanent or Provisional Skilled visa. As a former international student, you can use this visa to complete your post-graduate professional year program, gain work experience, or improve your English. (link to new blog 2). 

If your 485 visa is set to expire this year and you are interested in studying further, it’s a good idea to start organising your application for a student visa. The sooner you begin your planning and applying, the better your chances of success.  


Terms and Conditions of Student Visas 

It’s important to remember that choosing a student visa means you are making a commitment to the Australian government that you will be a genuine student at a genuine academic institution. You must commit to attending your classes and keeping your grades high while you strive to become a professional in your field or choose to better your English.  


Tips for Success in Your Application 

In order to avoid refusal, Sirus Migration has created a list of expert tips that will help you during the application process.  


Enrol Early 

Regardless of what you will be studying, make sure you enrol to your chosen education provider at least 4-6 months before your 485 visa expires. If you are already enrolled, it shows that you are serious about studying.  


Always Upgrade Your AQF Level 

AQF stands for ‘Australian Qualification Framework’, and this is a scale used to rank qualifications. For example, a bachelor degree is a 7 and a master is a 9. If you’ve already done a bachelor, choose a graduate certificate or diploma. If you’ve finished your masters, you might like to choose a second master. 


Perfect Your Statement of Purpose 

Part of your application is writing a statement of purpose. Make sure you work hard on this statement to prove how serious you are.  

  • Address how this qualification and the opportunities it brings will help you meet your goals 
  • Reference the same goals you mentioned in your previous applications 
  • If you haven’t travelled in the last few years, explain why – you can say you were aiming for job experience and didn’t have time to return home 


Let Us Help You Secure Your Visa 

Using a professional service like Sirus Migration will give your application the best chance of success. We have seen the most common mistakes and oversights, so we will help you understand Immigration Australia. Call us on (07) 3361 8177 for advice and assistance today. 

For more information –

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