LAKMAL ISURU YAPA Founder, CEO & Senior Migration Agent


Founder, CEO & Senior Migration Agent

LAKMAL ISURU YAPA founder of Sirus Migration

Isuru Yapa’s highly accomplished career as an international businessman brings an exceptional skill set to this organisation. Completing his MBA at Griffith University in 2008 he went on to open multiple international businesses including Sirus Migration & Education where he became a successful Registered Migration Agent.


He is an ambitious director who creates strategic alliances with organization leaders to effectively align with and support key business initiatives. He builds and retains high-performance teams by hiring, developing, and motivating skilled professionals. Not only does he generate new business by aggressively prospecting new company contracts but also manages a team of 40+ professionals at Sirus Migration.


Isuru Yapa builds relationships with local executives to drive business development and investigates new business areas for expansion of staffing offerings. One of his key strengths is negotiating favourable contracts to control costs and increase revenue. He monitors market pricing and product offerings and adjusts to move ahead. He also stays up-to-date on market trends and industry standards, and legislation by attending industry conferences.


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