YOSSI WITKOWSKY | Immigration Lawyer & Migration Agent

Yossi Bokov Witkowsky

Immigration Lawyer & Migration Agent

Yossi is a registered migration agent (MARN 2015616)and a solicitor of the Supreme Court of New South Wales and has a legal practicing certificate for the State of Queensland. He is also a seasoned attorney of the High Court of South Africa.


He is originally from South Africa and speaks two languages, English as his first language and Afrikaans as a second language.


He has also been through the immigration process and this always has him to be empathetic and in tune with his clients’ needs.


Yossi focusses on skilled migration visas, business innovation visas, investment visas, parent and partner visas, protection visa’s and appeals in matters of visa cancellation or refusals.


He utilises his immigration law knowledge in assisting clients’ who have had their visa’s either cancelled or refused by representing them in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) and provides direction on taking their matters to the Federal Court of Australia.


Yossi also has previous legal experience as a director of a law firm with a focus on financial services law, commercial law, civil litigation and administrative law. His previous legal experience provides him with a solid background when assisting clients’ with business innovation visa’s, investment visa’s, Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Court cases


He is now entirely focussed on immigration law as he is passionate about assisting others in realising their dream of settling in Australia.


Yossi cares about civil rights for refugees and asylum seekers.


In his spare time, he plays chess and enjoys mountain biking.



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