3.1 A registered migration agent has a duty to preserve the confidentiality of his or her clients.

3.2 A registered migration agent must not disclose, or allow to be disclosed, confidential information about a client or a client’s business without the client’s written consent, unless required by law.

3.2A Once a registered migration agent has agreed to work for a client, but before commencing that work, the agent must:

(a) provide the client with a copy of the consumer guide; and

(b) make a record that the copy has been provided.

Note: The consumer guide is a document produced by the Authority with information about the migration advice profession, the functions of the Authority, the legislation regulating the profession, what a client can reasonably expect from a registered migration agent, and complaint procedures.

3.3 A registered migration agent must inform clients that they are entitled to receive copies of the application under the Migration Act or Migration Regulations and any related documents if they want copies. The agent may charge a reasonable amount for any copies provided.

3.4 A registered migration agent must have an address and telephone number where the agent can be contacted during normal business hours.

3.5 If a registered migration agent changes his or her address, telephone number or any other details that are recorded on the Register of Migration Agents, the agent must give a written notice to the Department, the Authority, any review authority and all current clients of the agent:

(a) in advance; or

(b) not later than 14 days after the change or changes if advance notice would be unreasonable in the circumstances.

3.6 A registered migration agent must ensure that clients have access to an interpreter if necessary.