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Refugee and Protection Visas

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Refugee and Protection Visas

Do you fear persecution in your home country?

You may be eligible to apply for a Protection visa in Australia if due to a well-founded fear of persecution you are unable to return to your home country or seek the protection of that country.

To have a well-founded fear of persecution, you must fear serious harm because of your race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion.

Other things you need to show include:

  • You arrived in Australia legally
  • You are a refugee as defined by the Migration Act or meet the complementary protection criteria in the Act
  • You are not barred from lodging a Protection visa application
  • The minister is satisfied that granting the visa is in the national interest

At Sirus Migration we will guide you through these and other requirements for the permanent Protection, Subclass 866, visa including health, character and security criteria.

Let our Registered Migration Agents at Sirus Migration take the stress out of preparing your Protection visa application, or advise on the requirements you must fulfil as well as the documents and evidence you need in order to apply for this visa.

We have a solid track record with Protection visas and other humanitarian visa applications.

At Sirus Migration we will be pleased to offer specific advice or devise a strategy tailored to your individual circumstances if you consider applying for a Protection visa or perhaps another Australian visa.


To book your free initial consultation, please contact Sirus Migration at:

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