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Student Visa (Subclass 500)

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Student Visa (Subclass 500)

Want to come study in Australia?

Want to improve your prospects of immigrating here through skilled migration visas?

You must meet the following eligibility:

  • Have enough financials to pay for your courses, travelling from & to your home country as well as living in Australia.
  • Be deemed a Genuine Temporary Entrant.

Tips and Tricks

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection are heavily scrutinising the ‘genuine temporary entrant’ criteria of student visa applications. The Department do not want individuals to overstay on their student visas or to come to Australia and not undertake their studies

Consequently, the Department is extremely uncompromising in relation to the types of evidence and the volume of evidence that you will need to provide to be successful in satisfying the ‘genuine temporary entrant’ component of your student visa application.

Sirus Migration’s migration agents and lawyers are well placed to help you with the above. We will handle your visa application from start to finish. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing you with up-to-date, comprehensive, strategic migration law advice;
  • Providing you with a list of supporting documents that you will need to procure to be successful in your matter;
  • Advising you in relation to what topics you should discuss when you draft your Genuine Temporary Entrant Statement; and
  • Drafting any necessary submissions as requested by the Department.

Further, we advise that you choose a course or a substratum of courses which add up to two (2) years of full-time study. This will mean that you satisfy the Australian Study Requirement and will greatly improve your skilled migration visa prospects.

For further advice in relation to which courses you should choose to do in Australia, we ask that you contact Sirus Education Consulting for all your Australian education consulting needs.

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