Administrative Appeals Tribunal

Administrative Appeals Tribunal


Getting a visa refusal can be disappointing, however, many applicants are not able to understand the reason for their refusal. If you have experienced a visa refusal recently,  we can help you put your case for a review by the Immigration Review Tribunal.


At Sirus Migration, we represent our clients at the Tribunal; prepare ministerial intervention appeals, and facilitate and supervise solicitors for matters under review at the Federal Court.

We work and submit all your documentation to the relevant authorities in a timely manner and keep you informed through every stage of the process.

Once a decision is made on your visa application, we double check to make sure that the decision is in line with the current policy and regulations.



Merits Review – Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT)


The AAT deals with all review applications for refugee and standard visa applications. A merit review involves reviewing the merits of the Department’s decision by reconsidering the facts, laws and policy aspects relevant to the original decision, and come to a conclusion about whether the original decision is correct or not.  

The Tribunal will consider the evidence from a fresh perspective, making it a ‘second attempt’ for your application.


Have you faced a rejection on your Australian visa application? At Sirus Migration, we understand your individual circumstances and put forth appeals for a review of your application from the Federal Court. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you relaunch your migration journey to Australia.

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