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888 Entrepreneur (E)


You can apply for 888 Entrepreneur (E) only if you have been in Australia and held your temporary visa in the Entrepreneur stream for a consecutive time of at least four years immediately before you apply.

Moreover, you must be able to prove a flourishing history of entrepreneurial activities in Australia.


A history of entrepreneurial activity will be included by a mixture of important achievement factors and maintaining success factors. You will need to show the fulfilment of at least two principal success circumstances or a mixture of one key success factor and three supporting success circumstances.


Important success circumstances involve:


  • Employing two or more Australians, permanent residents or other eligible persons
  • Generating an annual turnover of at least AUD300 000
  • Filing a provisional patent or acquiring a standard or innovation patent
  • Receiving ongoing funding or investment in your entrepreneur activity
  • Entering into a partnership with a University
  • Selling an entrepreneurial venture for AUD2,000,000.


Supporting success factors include:


  • Diversifying entrepreneurial activities into other business areas
  • Receiving a statement of success from a state or territory government nominator
  • Receiving sponsorship from the corporate sector
  • Starting at least one other business or contributing to at least two other businesses
  • Receiving formal awards or recognition
  • Raising or contributing to social capital.


Entrepreneurial activities in Australia must not be in one of the following categories:


  • Residential real estate
  • Labour hire
  • Purchase of an existing enterprise or a franchise in Australia.
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