189 Skilled Independent (New Zealand)

189 Skilled Independent (New Zealand)

Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) (New Zealand) stream is for New Zealand Special Category (subclass 444) visa (SCV) holders who are committed to attaining the citizenship of Australian subcontinent.


Citizens of New Zealand who have held the SCV for a period of five consecutive years and have successfully got the subclass 189 permanent residency get eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after 12 months



Eligibility Criteria:

You must:

1.hold a Special Category (subclass 444) visa.

2.have been a resident in Australia for five consecutive years

3.have a taxable income at or above an income threshold for each of the four completed income years prior to lodging an application.



Your taxable income must have exceeded the following thresholds:


  1. 2012/2013: AUD$51,000
  2. 2013/2014: AUD$53,900
  3. 2014/2015: AUD$53,900
  4. 2015/2016: AUD$53,900
  5. 2016/2017: AUD$53,900


Length of stay


This visa provides you and your immediate family an immediate permanent residency on their application.


Processing Times

The processing times vary from application to application. 75 percent of applications take 10 months to process while 90 percent of applications take 11 months to process.

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