444 NZ Special Category

444 NZ Special Category

444 NZ Special Category allows New Zealand to live, study and work in Australia as long as you are a New Zealand citizen.

 This visa does not provide the same rights and benefits as an Australian citizen.

It is automatically granted on arrival unless there are criminal issues

Eligibility Criteria:

You must:


  • be a New Zealand citizen
  • hold a valid passport
  • perform the health requirement
  • are not a behaviour concern non-citizen or health concern non-citizen.
  • present a completed incoming passenger card



This visa allows you to:

1.work and study in Australia
2.travel in Australia 

Length of stay

From when you first arrive in Australia until you leave

Processing Times

Unavailable for this visa at the moment


If you are thinking to become an Australian Citizen or Permanent Resident, please let us know. There are several visa options available for your case
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