115-835 Remaining Relative (Offshore & Onshore)

115-835 Remaining Relative (Offshore & Onshore)

115 Remaining Relative Offshore


115 visa allows someone outside Australia whose only near relatives are living in Australia to live in Australia as a permanent resident. There can be waiting times of up to 50 years for this visa.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • Your relatives in Australia must be your only near ones.
  • You must have someone to provide an assurance of support.
  • You and your family members must meet health and character requirements.


Do not apply for this visa if:


  • you have any near relatives, usually living outside Australia, or are living in Australia on a temporary visa or a Bridging visa.
  • your sponsor (or their partner) was the holder of or sponsored someone else for a Remaining Relative visa (subclass 115).
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