A Dependent Child visa (subclass 445) is a temporary visa for the child of a parent who holds a temporary Partner visa that does not already include the child.

If this visa is granted, the child also needs to make a permanent Partner visa application before the parent’s permanent Partner visa is decided.


This temporary visa:


  • allows a child to travel to and from or
  • stay in Australia until their parent’s permanent Partner visa is finalised
  • is required if the child is to be added to a permanent Partner visa application after a temporary Partner visa has been granted to their parent.


This visa can be granted only if you can show one of the following for a child younger than 18 years of age:


  • you have the written consent of each person who can legally decide where the child lives
  • the laws of the child’s home country permit the removal of the child
  • it is consistent with any Australian child order.



The child’s parent must hold a temporary Partner visa or a Dependent Child visa.


The child must:

  • be a biological child, stepchild or adopted child of their visa-holding parent
  • be under 18 years old or dependent on their visa-holding parent
  • be single.


Length of stay



The child’s visa is valid while the parent’s temporary Partner visa or Dependent Child visa is valid.

Usually, a Dependent Child visa will be valid until a decision is made on the child’s permanent Partner visa application.

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