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Who this visa is for and eligibility


Protection visa involves two steams, one is temporary the other one is permanent.

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In more details:


    • Protection Visa Subclass 866 is for you if you are in Australia and you engage Australia’s protection obligations, and you did not arrive in Australia as an illegal maritime arrival or unauthorised air arrival.


    • Refugee visa Subclass 200 is for you if you are outside Australia, are living outside your home country and are persecuted in your home country.


    • In-country Special Humanitarian visa Subclass 201 is for you if you are living in, and subject to persecution in, your home country, and have not been able to leave that country to seek refuge elsewhere.


    • Global Special Humanitarian Subclass 202 is for you if you are outside Australia, are living outside your home country, are subject to substantial discrimination amounting to a gross violation of your human rights in your home country, and are proposed by a person or organisation in Australia.


      • Emergency Rescue visa Subclass 203 is for you if you are subject to persecution in your home country and face an immediate threat to your life or personal security.


    • Woman At Risk Subclass 204 allows you to come to Australia if you are a woman outside Australia, living outside your home country, do not have the protection of a male relative and are in danger of victimisation, harassment or serious abuse because of your gender.
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