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Professional Year Program

Are you a recent international graduate from an Australian university looking to start your career?


The right Professional Year Program will not only get you 5 points toward your Permanent Residency in Australia but also will be the perfect stepping stone to your dream career


For completing a Professional Year in Australia, you need a valid visa that can only be obtained once you have fulfilled the eligibility criteria:

Your Professional Year must have been:

  • completed in Australia in the four years before you are invited to apply for a visa.
  • in your nominated occupation or a closely related occupation
  • completed over a period of at least 12 months
  • provided by one of these organisations:
    • the Australian Computer Society
    • CPA Australia
    • Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand
    • the Institute of Public Accountants (formerly the National Institute of Accountants)
    • Engineers Australia.


Professional Years Programs are designed to kick-start the careers of the new Australian International graduates in the fields of Accounting, Information Technology, and Engineering. Professional year programs help you achieve this by providing relevant practical training and workshops, a professional internship and networking opportunities.



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